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    • 05 FEB 19
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    Straight talk about crooked teeth.

    Did you know that crooked and misaligned teeth are more than just a cosmetic problem? Improper alignment of your teeth can wreak all sorts of havoc in your mouth including excessive wear, cracks, and temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ pain). Think about it! How can you keep your teeth clean if a brush can’t get into the crowded

    • 06 MAY 14
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    Protect and Serve

    Are your teeth wearing down due to grinding and clenching? Or are you experiencing piercing headaches? Oh yes, it’s stress. It’s time to relieve that stress being put on your teeth, bones and facial muscles. MDA has many options to protect your teeth and prevent your discomfort with a doctor recommended dayguard or nightguard. Call

    • 15 APR 14
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    Turn That Frown Upside Down

    Today’s economy is becoming a challenge for both patients and dental offices. Sometimes in difficult financial times like these we are forced to make health decisions that may not be in our own best interest. Your overall health as well as your dental health are important to us. So, don’t wait! Take care of your

    • 15 MAR 14
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    Make Every Day Earth Day

    We just celebrated Earth Day in April, so it’s time for some “Green Tooth Ideas”. BRUSH YOUR TEETH WITH THE WATER OFF: Did you know that by simply turning off the water when brushing your teeth, you can save two to three gallons of water each brushing! 2.    DIGITAL X-RAYS: Our office uses digital x-rays

    • 15 FEB 14
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    Do I need Floride?

    Fluoride treatments are a recommended benefit for all ages. Your dental hygienist or dentist may offer this service in order to be proactive in the absence of decay or as a regular treatment due to active decay or to prevent sensitivity in patients with periodontal disease. Ask about your fluoride treatment now!   According to

    • 15 JAN 14
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    Where Are My Minerals?

    A recent government report found that Americans aren’t getting enough vitamins, nor enough minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. Says Alanna Moshfegh, an author of the USDA report What We Eat in America, “…the recommended amounts will help you maintain your health and decrease your risk of chronic diseases.” MDA can help you with this

    • 15 DEC 13
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    Friendly Reminders

    Consider your appointment card your confirmation. Phone calls and postcards are a courtesy. We look forward to seeing you as we have reserved this time especially for you – please be respectful of others.   New patients are always welcome. Just a reminder: It is the patient’s responsibility to inform the office/front desk of any