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    • 05 FEB 19
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    Straight talk about crooked teeth.

    Did you know that crooked and misaligned teeth are more than just a cosmetic problem? Improper alignment of your teeth can wreak all sorts of havoc in your mouth including excessive wear, cracks, and temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ pain). Think about it! How can you keep your teeth clean if a brush can’t get into the crowded areas where food collects? This damage often results in hefty dental bills in the long run.

    Maybe you’ve been thinking about fixing your smile but don’t know where to begin. Are you OK with monthly trips to the orthodontist to have your shiny metal wires tightened? Excited by the thought of red and lime green elastics gracing your holiday photos? Thrilled at the thought of having metal brackets cemented to your teeth for years to come?

    For most patients invisalign is a no brainer.



    A system of clear trays help straighten your teeth gradually without the stigma and inconvenience of traditional wire braces.


    SO, if you’ve ever considered straightening your teeth, give us a call now and book a 100% free consultation. We will use a 3D scanner to take digital impressions and let you know within a few days how long it will take to get your smile practically perfect.

    Invisalign Poster

    We are so confident in Invisalign – Nearly every member of our office has (or IS) using it!

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