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    • 15 FEB 14
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    Do I need Floride?

    Fluoride treatments are a recommended benefit for all ages. Your dental hygienist or dentist may offer this service in order to be proactive in the absence of decay or as a regular treatment due to active decay or to prevent sensitivity in patients with periodontal disease. Ask about your fluoride treatment now!


    According to the website Wed MD, every day minerals are added ot and lost from the enamel layers on your teeth through demineralization and remineralization. Basically, acids from plaque bacteria nad sugars in the mouth attack your enamel. Minerals like fluoride (also calcium and phosphate) are redeposited on the enamel layer from the food and water you consume. IF you don’t get enough good minerals back, to repair your enamel layer, you get tooth decay.


    Fluoride, the website says, helps prevent tooth decay by making teeth more resistant to acid attacks and it also reverses early decay in children under the age of six by becoming incorporated into the development of permanent teeth, making iit more difficult for acids to demineralize them.

    Fluoride is effective at reducing cavities in both children and adults. According to Wikipedia, studies have shown that fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste can reduce childhood cavities by between 40% and 60%.


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