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New Patients & Emergencies Always Welcome!

“My gratitude to you and your staff for your dental work – but equally for everyone’s kindness and compassion towards me. I now understand why ‘Ma’ always spoke highly of you.”

Charles Paraskis

“I can’t express how relieved and grateful I a feel to have found a dentist and staff who not only do impeccable work, but make me feel confident that you care about me as a person. Not only have you helped me feel more comfortable and less afraid of the dentist, but you have given me a reason to smile with confidence. This effects my life and the people around me more than you will ever know.”

Terri Santos

“Thank you for creating my new smile. Your dedication and talent has made my experience wonderful.”

Stephanie Oliveira

“The teeth are working great. I love the way they look. Looking at the before and after, it’s amazing. Your persistence for quality are second to none. I find it so much better eating without having to remove my partial.”

John Cotreau

“Thank you for fixing my loose caps so expeditiously; and my new night guard fits great and is very sturdy. I appreciate the attention you give to me and my mouth.”

Margaret Stenersen

“I wanted to thank you and tell you that the adjustments you made on my lower denture, made a world of difference. They no longer slip around and are much more comfortable. Thank you, I really appreciate your fine service.”

Art Belanger

“Dr. Blatz was recommended to me by a friend. I had fallen several years earlier, chipping my front teeth. My local dentist at the time had fixed them, but I was never pleased with the outcome. I scheduled a consult with Dr. Blatz. I found him to be resourceful and understanding. He explained what he would do to make my teeth look more natural. The transformation began. Dr. Blatz was efficient and skilled. I was so happy with the results. He is a perfectionist. His staff is friendly and welcoming. As a result my whole family goes to Massasoit Dental. All six of us! It is great to be able to have access to the latest dental technologies and procedures performed in a comfortable, well equipped office. I love going to the dentist (who says that?!).”

Jayne T

“Growing up I was always self-conscious about my teeth so I never smiled. I had a lot of spaces in my front teeth and an overbite. After all these years I finally decided to do something about my smile, so I went to see Dr. Blatz for a consultation. I left the consultation feeling happy to know that Dr. Blatz could give me the confidence I needed to smile again. I started out my treatment with Dr. Chelian, the orthodontist there. I was in braces for a year and a half. When my ortho treatment was done, Dr. Blatz did two crowns and bonding on my four front teeth. I was so happy with how things turned out. I get more compliments on my new smile now. I would highly recommend Dr. Blatz to anyone as well as Dr. Chelian if you’re looking for an orthodontist, best decision I have made.”

Mike F

“The entire team at Massasoit Dental is amazing! I have had the best experiences with every treatment. I have had just about all of them, routine cleaning and exams, fillings, crowns and at 48 years old I decided it was time for braces. I am now 50 years old and couldn’t be any happier. I have a beautiful smile! Everyone at Massasoit Dental has had some sort of responsibility for my smile. I am truly grateful to all of you for my smile.”

Denise B